Paid search
Yandex is the leading search engine in Russia, with an audience of over 89% of Russian internet users. Combined with the Yandex Advertising Network, comprising thousands of high-quality sites reaching an additional 34 million users in Russia, Yandex offers advertisers the unique opportunity to tap into a Russian online audience unrivaled in size.

Yandex’s variety of ad formats each have unique features and advantages. To determine which tools are best suited to help you reach your goals, take a look at the advertising formats available.

Display advertising
Yandex Display Advertising serves ads to over 50 million users daily, accounting for 89% of the Russian internet audience (Source: TNS Web Index, September 2016). Using images, video and audio content, and all sorts of special effects, advertisers can tap into this audience, appeal to users, and increase brand awareness.

High viewability standards
Display advertising is not just about visual features. Behind the scenes, there a powerful technological base provides coverage of your target audience while guaranteeing that you pay only for real impressions. The advantages of payment only for real impressions are complemented by the possibility of selecting your audience using various types of targeting — practically any characteristic important for your campaign’s success.

Mobile Advertising
Anyone who has a smartphone is used to regularly finding solutions to life’s everyday problems with it — catching up on the news over breakfast, shopping for shoes during the morning commute, or comparing camera prices after work. As a result, more and more business serve ads in mobile devices to make sure they don’t miss opportunities to reach potential clients. Find your clients where they are 34.7% of all visits take place on mobile devices1, and 19% of users browse the internet exclusively from mobiles or tablets.

Placing ads on pages for selecting goods and services
Airline tickets, used cars, holiday tour packages — there are certain products and services best suited for specialized portals that collect and display offers from a variety of sellers. These niche sites offer advertisers a special opportunity to reach audiences most likely to be interested in purchasing their offers.